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     It's an honor to serve you as the District Deputy Grand Master of the Southern Tier District.  Alongside me, the balance of the district leadership team consists of: R∴W∴ Nicholas Glassman, Grand Steward; R∴W∴ Robert Rogers, Assistant Grand Lecturer; and V∴W∴ Mark Loughran, Assistant Grand Lecturer.  As a team, we are here to serve you.  R∴W∴ Glassman will be scheduling educational courses; Masonic Development Course, Road to the East, and The Master's Chair.  R∴W∴ Rogers and V∴W∴ Loughran will be working with you on ritual proficiency, rehearsals, and the Grand Lecturer's Convention.   Above all else, I assure you we are here to assist you and your lodge.

     In the upper right of this page, under Site Navigation, you'll find the current District Contacts Directory.  Included in that document are the Committee Chairmen for the district.  I thank each of them for taking on the extra commitment of their respective chairmanship.  Look to them for assistance with particular needs, or maybe a program regarding their committee.

     Let's welcome new brothers and lodges to our district.  Deposit Lodge No. 396 and Tri-Town No. 167 (a consolidation of Bainbridge-Afton and Sidney Freedom).

     Lastly, this space, "Around The District" is your space.  I you have an announcement, an article, or news you'd like the district to be aware of, email me with an attachment.  We'll do our best to post it in a timely manner.

     Be an energetic Mason!

Around The State

     The trustees of the Masonic Hall and Asylum Fund were created by an act of the New York State Legislature in April of 1864. With that decree, this group was entrusted with the maintenance and protection of certain assets of the New York State Masonic Fraternity. It was empowered to build and maintain the Masonic Hall on West 23rd Street in New York City and out of the income derived from those buildings, operate a home for the relief, support and care of worthy Masons, their wives, widows and orphans.

     Today, the Trustees maintain the operation of the Masonic Care Community, a multi-level senior health care campus complete with an independent retirement community and child care center that serves both employees and the general community. The Trustees oversee the operation of Round Lake Camp in Northern Oneida County, which hosts the Camp Turk Summer program for children ages 8 to 16 and maintain the DeWint House, George Washington’s Headquarters and Historic Site in Tappan New York. They also administer the operation of the Grand Lodge Building of the New York State Masonic Fraternity located on West 23rd Street in New York City.

     The current Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York is M:.W:. William Sardone. Our State Administrative Offices are located at the Grand Lodge of the State of New York; 71 West 23rd St., New York, N.Y.

R∴W∴ Scott G. Kinne - District Deputy Grand Master
Southern Tier Masonic District Of The State Of New York 

     Freemasonry.....think about it. In the Southern Tier, we have a long history of  vibrant and active lodges.  Some with beginnings in the mid-1800's.  From Deposit  in the east, to Vestal in the west then north to Oxford and New Berlin - you will  find one our 13 lodges that make up the district, right in your neighborhood.

     If you have ever wondered who we are, we are teachers, salesmen, lawyers,  laborers, business owners, engineers, etc; We are your neighbor. If you have ever  wondered what we do, we take good men and make them better men. How?  History, research and education. Charity, fellowship and families. What do we support? Among other things; medical  research, and kids,

     I am honored to serve as District Deputy Grand Master for the 2018-2020 term  and to work along side the balance of the Leadership Team; Nicholas Glassman,  Grand Steward; Robert Rogers, Assistant Grand Lecturer; and Mark Loughran,  Assistant Grand Lecturer.


 R∴ W∴ Scott G. Kinne
 District Deputy Grand Master
 Southern Tier District

Click Any Lodge Building Photo Below To Visit Their Lodge Site

Round Hill Lodge #533

403 East Main Street; Endicott, NY

Tri-town Lodge #167

27 North Main Street; Bainbridge, NY

Binghamton Lodge #177

22 Lewis Street; Johnson City, NY

Deposit Lodge #396

deposit-masonic-lodge-396206 Front Street; Deposit, NY

Eastern Light Lodge #126

9 North Chenango Street; Greene, NY

Johnson City Unity Lodge #970

22 Lewis Street; Johnson City, NY

Maine Lodge #399

108 Lincoln Drive; Vestal, NY

Oxford Lodge #175

27 Main Street; Oxford, NY

Phoebus Lodge #82

North Main Street; New Berlin, NY

Sherburne Lodge #444

3 West State Street; Sherburne, NY

St. Mark's Vestal Lodge #435

108 Lincoln Drive; Vestal, NY

Windsor Lodge #442

8 College Avenue; Windsor, NY

Sindey-Freedom Lodge #801

27 North Main Street, Bainbridge NY

Grand Lodge Of New York State

71 West 23rd Street, New York, NY

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